Dr. Claudiu Coca


Except family, nothing is making me get out of bed in the morning like the smile, and sometimes even tears, of a greatful patient.

It saddens me that in a world full of marketing, with a huge social pressure for speed and esthetics, when we are faced with clinical choice we put towards the end of the priority list the actual Health.
I believe that is the duty of any doctor to help the patient understand the difference between what the patient wants, influenced by marketing and social pressure, and what the patient actually needs, influenced by medical information and clinical experience.
The intended guiding principle of my orthodontics is Biology First. Let's not use a knife or hammer when we can use a feather!









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I am an Orthodontic Specialist and Smile Designer with a Passion for Speaking and Everything Human!

Dr. Claudiu Coca

The informations offered are not meant to be universal truths but rather my opinions at the time of writing them.

Throughout the years I've learned two things that I have found revealing:

1. Opinions can change with new information but the deepest lessons are offered by one's own experience.
2. Everything ever written might be just author's opinion and not an universal truth.

        The more I research the subject of orthodontics the more I have the feeling that we actually know very little.

        We've come very far in 200+ years of modern orthodontics but I think that the most fun part lies ahead as there is so much more to figure out.

        I want to share my thoughts, in the hopes that, maybe some of you, fellow colleagues, would like to take on the challenge of trying to figure out some of the unknowns.

        Last but definately not least I would really appreciate your comments, thoughts and/or insights on the various subjects, publicly or privately, as I believe that only through constant questioning of what we think we know we have a higher chance of progress.

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