Ortodonție bazată pe Filosofia Damon

Despre Forțe, Biologie, Frecare, Invazivitate, Obiceiuri, Motivație, Mușchi și nu numai...

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White Weekends with Dr. Claudiu Coca

Sharing some of my thoughts about Dentistry and Orthodontics

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University of Medicine and Pharmacy Grigore T. Popa

24,25 Septembrie, Iasi the third time. And Eminescu...

Titu Maiorescu University

Together with Dr. Matias Anghileri

Iasi ... the second time

19 and 20 of February, Eminescu, here I come again!

Masked Times

2 Lectures back to back in February

Hotel Novotel

Two Lectures on the 20 of June and 29 of August

Outside the Office at Hotel Majestic

The first Conference in another city. Eminescu another passion of mine...

This year we also had a few 'In Office' lectures.

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A few more 'In Office' Lectures


A few 'In Office' Lectures

First Event 'In Office'