Nothing is making me get out of bed in the morning like the smile and sometimes even tears of a greatful patient.

Facial Rejuvenation

We change faces, we change lives! Let's make it count!

Gummy Smile

Surgery is needed just in extreme cases. For the rest you have just a better smile.


When you do heavy weight lifting daily your joints will suffer sooner rather then later.


What is really a balanced TMJ? Is Centric Relation really a constant?

Neuroscience & Psichology

The management of human interaction. Motivational factors that drive decision and behaviour.


I love sharing what I know with the caveat that it's what I think I know now!


Another sensitive topic in today's orthodontics. I hope I can stretch the subject for easier understanding.

Bite Turbos & Splints

A great tool, mostly misunderstood and rarely used. Bite Turbos = Splint